Project Management Software for Contractors

Contractor Project Management by COBRA is an integrated suite of software programs that work together to track all aspects of an ongoing construction job.

The project data is delivered in real-time, so owners and project managers can be proactive with their decision-making throughout the lifespan of the job.

Answers are easy to find because the information is neatly organized in your "Job Center" dashboard screen.

Selections will include categories such as:

  • Progress/AIA Billings
  • Vendor Invoices
  • Purchase Orders, with remaining committed dollars
  • Change Orders - pending & approved
  • Budget vs. Cost comparing
  • Work-In-Progress
  • RFI's
  • Phase Tracking
  • Tool/Equipment Tracking
  • Sub-Contractor Tracking
  • Documents/Photos
  • Work Orders
  • Material, Labor, Direct Postings
  • Permits
  • Proposals
  • Job Reports

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Contractors depend on COBRA Contractor Project Management Software for its ability to provide relevant solutions quickly, and in an easy, manageable format.

Cobra Project Management Software is designed to solve project questions you have:

  • Which materials are due during this week, and which ones are still on backorder?
  • What's our profit margin for all approved change orders?
  • Which change orders are pending on this project?
  • We haven't received the new design changes for the final phase. When was the last time we requested this information?
  • Our actual labor hours are about the same as the original estimated hours and yet we're not finished. Where can I find the "projected to complete" hours?
  • How many downtime hours (nonproductive time) did we accumulate last year? Are we doing any better this year?
  • Now that this project is complete, are all vendor invoices accounted for? I don't want to be blindsided with any "surprise billings" later on.
  • The bonding company is asking for future receivables, unbilled contract dollars, work-in-progress, contracts won but not started, current retained dollars, budgeted hours remaining on projects, and more. Is there one source that pulls all this information together?
  • Which workers have been assigned which tools and equipment on this project?
  • Is it time to do another billing? What's our percent complete vs. percent billed?
  • What are the committed dollars remaining on this project?
  • The project manager just sent us the most recent pictures on how things look at the job site. Can we attach these pictures to the project so we can look at them during our meeting with the owner?
  • What's our total cost on returned materials for this project? Which items were returned to the vendors for credit and which items were replenished back into inventory?
  • Do we know how much retainage is outstanding on our commercial projects?
  • I need to pay our material vendors for this project. How much have we been paid to date?

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