Payroll Software for Contractors

Wages are probably one of your organization's largest expenditures, and the "paycheck" is the main motivator for most employees. That's why it is essential for you to have a superior tool to effectively manage your payroll.

Whether your payroll is simple or complex, COBRA Payroll provides you with complete payroll processing power, saving you time and money.

Multi-union, multi-state and certified reporting are among the many necessary functions contractors around the country have relied on for years.

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Highlights include:


The Time Card Entry Screen.

This 2-in-1 screen accounts for both payroll hours and job hours per employee. The job hours update job cost immediately and are ready for billing regardless of when you print your payroll checks.


Worker Productivity Reporting.

This construction payroll report shows which workers are more/less productive.

Payroll features include:

  • W2 & W3 Reporting
  • 940 & 941 Reporting
  • Federal & State Tax Tables from our Web Site
  • Unlimited Deductions, Benefits and Employer Liabilities
  • Direct Deposit
  • MICR and accounting records generated for the General Ledger
  • Union Reporting
  • Certified Reporting
  • Workman's Compensation Reporting
  • Time-Off Tracking
  • Links to Accounts Payable to create Invoices for Payroll Liabilities that need to be paid
  • Electronic filing of W2's

Payroll answers these critical questions:

  • Can I set-up a new year, update the tax tables, prepare changes for the upcoming year and then go back to last year and finish up the year?
  • I have an employee who works in multiple states during one pay period. Can all of his multi-state hours be included in one payroll check?
  • I need to correct an employee's hours on a payroll that's been processed. Can I make corrections without having to redo the entire payroll run?

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