Service Management Software for Contractors

Service Manager is a suite of programs that integrate together for seamless scheduling, dispatching, recording and billing your customer's service information.

Planned Maintenance Scheduling (service contracts) is also included with Service Manager.

Service Manager makes you look good. All of your customer's information, both past and present, is at your fingertips.

When a customer calls in, look to see if there are any red flags that stand out, such as "this account is on hold""outstanding invoices beyond 31 days old" or "the color note" (you choose the color and type the note) that stands out to alert you about their account.

Click on any other information about your customer including: colored notes, year to date sales, installed equipment, past and current billings, payment history, estimates, proposals, change orders, scheduled jobs (with colored status tracking) and more.

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Schedule/Dispatch Center

You can schedule your jobs "on the fly" (while you have the customer on the phone) or at a later time when things quiet down. Either way, scheduling/dispatching is fast and easy and can be done in 5 steps.

The procedure described below, "on the fly" scheduling is a favorite because it completes the entire process with your customer in about 30 seconds!

Here's how to do it:

  • 1 With your customer on the phone, and their information displayed, enter the reason they called you.
  • 2 Next, view the Schedule Board and check for available time openings. If needed, use the geographic finder to locate a tech who is within your customer's vicinity.
  • 3 Drag your mouse to lock in the time.
  • 4 You're now ready to print/send the Service/Work Order. Take a look at your customer's history to view any installed equipment/parts from the past. It's easy to paste any of their history directly onto the Service/Work Order. There's a special "default history" flag you can set to always show certain "history items" on the Service/Work Order.
  • 5 That's it. You're now ready to print or send the service ticket to your tech.

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Tracking and Recording items on the Service Call

Capturing the time, material, and notes for the service call is accomplished using either the Service Invoice or the Field Sheet.

The Service Invoice is used to write-up all charges for your customer. When you're finished with the job, write the payment amount received on it and give your customer a copy of it for their records. When the payment is recorded in COBRA, (check, cash or credit card), the Service/Work Order will change from an "open job" to a "closed job."

The Field Sheet is a pre-built list of materials/parts you create in COBRA. Much like a grocery list, a Field Sheet "jogs" the workers memory helping them remember every part they used on the job.

The tech simply enters the "quantity used" next to each item on the Field Sheet along with the labor time and job notes. When finished, the sheet is sent or returned to the office.

You can make different Field Sheets to match the different types of work you do. An option to "include prices" will display the prices you charge. See Pricebook and Price Codes for more information.

Service Call - Profit Reporting

How much did we make on this service call? The Profit Preview Report shows a complete audit of all activity including all material, labor and direct costs, charges and profits.

With Profit Preview, you can adjust the overall costs, charges and margins and produce a different amount for your billing. Profit Preview is one of many "permission restricted" features.

Billing the Service Call

You can show as little or as much to your customer by choosing from over 500 different billing formats. See Billing for more information.

Planned Maintenance

  • Use the "frequency calculator" to set your "starting date" and "next service due date" for each service contracts. Each customer can have an unlimited number of different service contracts.
  • Work Orders and Billings can be generated automatically to save time and reduce your workload.
  • Use the mail merge letter writer to notify your customers when you'll be in their area or when their next service is due.
  • File Folder tabs make it easy to get at critical customer information instantly
  • Customer History records can be customized according to your needs
  • 10-way search instantly finds your customer
  • Profit reporting by types of customers... Residential Service, Commercial Service, tells you which types of customers and jobs are making or losing money
  • Track installed parts per customer by serial number, model number, warranty and much more
  • Multi-locations per customer tracks installed equipment by location address
  • Report Writer sorts and selects customer history information you request, then mail merges their names onto letters, postcards, etc. for effective marketing
  • Color Status Tracking visually tells you what status the call is currently in - Scheduled, Dispatched, Pending, Closed, or make up your own Statuses and use our colors.
  • View all calls in a current Status - tells you which calls are still pending, which were completed, which were never dispatched, etc.
  • Editing the Service Call - Allows you to easily change the time and or service techs due to everyday occurrences that come up. Attach any note to alert others why the change took place.
  • Warning Conflict - Alerts you whenever you schedule the same time that is already assigned to the service tech. When accepting the warning conflict, the scheduler will automatically change the Status Color so you know the tech is "overbooked".
  • Individual or Crew Scheduling
  • Day View, 8 Day View
  • Print or view Worker Schedules
  • Post Hours to Jobs
  • Dispatch the Service Ticket / Work Order / Invoice by phone

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