Contractor Software that Works for You

In a contractor’s world, it’s all about three things:

  • 1 Improving Job Margins & Boosting Sales.
  • 2 Streamlining processes for a better work-life.
  • 3 Capturing and accessing information faster.

COBRA’s integrated workflow helps you accomplish the above while optimizing  communications between the office, field techs, vendors and customers.


Material Management

Saving $ on Materials

COBRA's Material Management Software features an integrated suite of programs that includes Pricebook, Inventory, Purchase Order and Tool/Equipment Tracker.

The Material Management Software works in concert to maximize material profit for the contractor.

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T&M Jobs

Faster Processing, Greater Accuracy

It takes specialized software for the Sub Contractor to instantly, accurately and effortlessly process T&M jobs.

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Project Management

Essentials for Optimal Decision-Making

Contractor Project Management by COBRA is an integrated suite of software programs that work together to track all aspects of an ongoing construction job.

The project data is delivered in real time, so owners and project managers can be proactive with their decision-making throughout the lifespan of the job.

Answers are easy to find because the information is neatly organized in your "Job Center" dashboard screen.

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Job Cost Accounting

Going Beyond generic Accounting

COBRA Accounting is an integrated suite of programs that include the Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and General Ledger programs.

These programs are written specifically for the Contracting Industry. Their user-friendly design is easy for any bookkeeper to use, yet powerful enough for the discerning comptroller.

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Service Management

Building Customer Loyalty

Service Manager is a suite of programs that integrate together for seamless scheduling, dispatching, recording and billing your customer's service information.

Planned Maintenance Scheduling (service contracts) is also included with Service Manager.

Service Manager makes you look good. All of your customer's information, both past and present, is at your fingertips.

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The Natural Evolution in Efficiency

COBRA Mobile Forms is a state-of-the-art mobile data capture solution designed specifically for electrical, plumbing, HVAC contractors and service techs. This solution replaces paper forms by capturing job data on your iPad and wirelessly transmitting it directly into COBRA... cutting your field and administrative costs by up to 93.5%.

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Contractor Payroll

From Simple to Complex

Wages are probably one of your organization's largest expenditures, and the "paycheck" is the main motivator for most employees. That's why it is essential for you to have a superior tool to effectively manage your payroll.

Whether your payroll is simple or complex, COBRA Payroll provides you with complete payroll processing power, saving you time and money.

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Tool & Equipment Management

Safeguarding your Assets

Tool/Equipment Tracker protects your investment in tools and equipment as it monitors the comings and goings of each tool - from your inventory crib, to a worker (or truck), to the job, to a transfer, to another worker/job, or back to the inventory crib.

The program pays for itself the first time an expensive tool is returned to you rather than lost or stolen.

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Easy, Fast, Integrated

When it comes to estimating, the name of the game is fast and flexible.

Our Kwik Estimator program has all the tools you need to do fast, accurate estimates.

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Breakthrough Features to Maximize Job Profits

Every year, contractors use our breakthrough features to reduce profit fade. 

Made According to Customer Feedback

Contractors hear about Cobra and fall in love with its user-friendly design. 

For over 30+ years our contractor customers have talked directly with us, seeing their ideas written into the programs.  Whether you are new to COBRA or a long-time user, we welcome your ideas and requests.

It’s our customer care and support that encourages contractors to continue using COBRA year after year. 

Customized Approach

The modularized design of our software makes it easy for contractors to implement the complete integrated solution - or - choose the modules that best meets their needs.

Buy Direct and Save

Our Buy Direct and Save business model includes the contractors' software, training, support, and updates bundled together into one affordable solution. Typically, it saves you 50% over our competitors. After your 1st year, you can continue receiving these services for a nominal charge. 

Interested in our software? See what else it can offer to optimize your business.