Contractors Software

We specialize in the development of contractor business software specific to these industries:

  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • HVAC

The integrated features of our contractor software help you address the above issues and help you manage your tasks, derive strategies, and optimize your business smartly.

Although we focus primarily on these three industries, many other types of sub-contractors have also successfully implemented our software solutions. These include:

  • Fire and safety
  • Refrigeration
  • Low voltage
  • Lighting contractors

The needs of the contracting industry, specifically sub-contractors, are so varied and specific that we decided more than 20 years ago to dedicate ourselves to producing software solutions specific for this industry.

The result is a suite of integrated contractor business software solutions that work together to produce the time and money savings that simply can not be found in any other contractor software program, regardless of the price.

And, because we are the owners and developers of COBRA, we can sell to our market at prices far less than software sold through dealers or resellers.

Our development philosophy has allowed us to remain true to the sub-contracting industry in providing solutions requested directly by our customers. This ensures that our contractor accounting solutions are real-life and up to date with what contractors around the country, like you, are asking for.

But what really sets us apart from any other contractor business software company is what we offer you after the sale.

After The Sale

  • We start with online demonstrations to show you how the software will work for you. It doesn’t matter how many demonstrations you need – this is pivotal in establishing a working relationship that we want to last forever.
  • Following the sale, when you're a COBRA customer, we really go to work for you. Our customer-oriented approach to training and implementation is second to none.

We understand that changing software can be a concern. This is why we work together throughout your implementation period to make your transition as smooth as possible. That's why your COBRA Business Coaches are with you every step of the way to ensure you are up and running in the time frame agreed upon.

For a complete understanding of our free support and training services, please refer to the information available here on our site or call us at 1(800) 466-2507.

COBRA Software Ongoing Support and Maintenance the Best In the Industry

Furthermore, our ongoing annual maintenance is among the best in the industry. After your first year, your maintenance includes the following:

  • FREE software updates
  • FREE manuals
  • FREE help files
  • FREE direct assistance from the friendly COBRA support team
  • People who will work with you to solve your problem
  • Access to our video training library
  • FREE online webinars
  • FREE industry newsletters

For more information or a COBRA contractor business software demonstration, you can call us at 1(800) 466-2507, or fill out the info sheet found on our Contact page

We’re looking forward to saving you time and money with COBRA.